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Posted by anna on April 20, 2022 

The current process of disposal for pipette tips in biomedical research labs involves the disposal of tips in biohazard waste. These tips are then bagged and placed in special bins. These are then autoclaved and sent to commercial vendors. To minimize these waste streams, scientists are considering reusable pipette tips, which can be reused many times. Read on to learn how to use reusable pipette tips in your lab.

Currently, fourteen states only have a few weeks' worth of supplies of reusable pipette tips available. One recent fire knocked out 80 percent of the country's supply of used pipette tips. As a result, demand for plastic supplies has skyrocketed, pushing prices up significantly. However, despite the shortage, some companies are taking steps to meet researchers' needs. A recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that researchers are increasingly turning to reusable pipette tips in order to improve patient care.

A reusable pipette tip contains a hollow pipette body that extends from the proximal end of the pipette tip. Its inside diameter is less than the proximal end. Some reusable pipette tips are recyclable. It is highly recommended that researchers use reusable pipette tips. They can save valuable resources and save the environment at the same time.

The main issue with using reusable pipette tips is the storage of them. After use, they should be disposed of properly. One lab reused their tips for non-critical applications, soaking them in soap for a couple of hours before washing them in tap water or distilled water. After cleaning, these pipette tips are then sterilized by boiling them for two minutes before reusing them in the lab. There are many reusable pipette tip brands available. You can choose from the best ones by reading consumer reviews.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, reusable pipette tips save laboratories considerable amounts of money. The science industry alone spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on pipette tips. And each of these tips is a significant part of testing. So it's crucial that these tips are disposed of properly to protect the environment. A good bench scientist understands that it's better to dispose of a few tips than a whole experiment of samples.

Whether or not you opt for reusable pipette tips is a decision that depends on your needs. Autoclaving your pipette tips is an effective way to sterilize them. However, it is important to note that autoclaving your pipette tips can result in contamination. If you are using reusable pipette tips, you should first clean them thoroughly and then place them in a sealed box after autoclaving. Once they're sterilized, you can reuse the tip boxes for other applications.

The pipette tip is an essential component in every liquid handling experiment. Its role is to prevent contamination and ensure accurate calibrations. The reusable tip allows you to reuse the same tip in different experiments and for different reagents. This way, you can save more money and time than if you used disposable pipette tips. This is because reusable pipette tips are more environmentally-friendly. Using an automatic pipette tip refill system such as Tip Loader can save time and money. The system refills tips in seconds, and is eco-friendly and has a low carbon footprint.

BrandTech Pipet Tips

BrandTech (tm) Pipet Tips are precision-molded from virgin polypropylene, with a hydrophobic surface to prevent contamination. They are manufactured with high purity polypropylene, and each tip has a 20-mL marking. In addition to these features, each tip is supplied with a one-year warranty. Moreover, these tips are compatible with a variety of pipettes, making them a practical choice for many scientists.

BRAND (r) pipette tips are made of high-purity polypropylene that is free of additives and pigments. BRAND pipette tips are manufactured in a sterile room and are automatically packaged to maintain sterility and cleanliness. They are bio-certified and available in volume sizes. Bio-cert sterile pipette tips are made following AAMI guidelines and ISO 11137.

Thermo Scientific sells a package of five mL tips in a box. Each box contains 75 tips in various sizes. The corresponding 5mL tips are autoclavable and dishwasher-safe. For convenience, they come with ergonomic handles and can be easily stored in the tip box. Thermo Scientific also sells an autoclavable PP tip box. These tips come with instructions for proper handling.

Transferpette (r)-8/-12 electronic multichannel pipettes are highly ergonomic and intuitive. Available in two volume ranges, the Transferpette(r)-8/12 electronic pipette is compatible with most major brands of tips. Moreover, it features a unique tip cone that helps minimize the force exerted on the tips when they are mounted. Moreover, it is compatible with virtually all universal tips.

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